Day 1 20th of July
10:00 Marco Schorlemmer – Invited Talk
Reasoning at a Distance by Way of Conceptual Metaphors and Blends
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira et al. – Paper Presentation
Towards finer-grained interaction with a Poetry Generator
12:00 Tarek Besold – Invited Talk
Symbolic models and computational properties of constructive reasoning in cognition and creativity
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Lledó Museros – Invited Talk
Creating and rating harmonic colour palettes for a given style
15:00 Wael Zakaria et. al – Paper Presentation
Towards the Recognition of Sketches by Learning Common Qualitative Representations
15:30 Juan Purcalla Arrufi and Alexandra Kirsch – Paper Presentation
Using Stories to Create Qualitative Representations of Motion
16:00 Cake
16:30 Ken Forbus – Invited Talk
Creative Support Companions: Some Ideas
17:30 Zoe Falomir –Talk
3D Perspective Reasoning and Paper Folding Reasoning using Computer Games
18:00 Break
18:30 Dinner
Day 2 21st of July
10:00 Andrew Lovett – Invited Talk
Modeling visual problem-solving as analogical reasoning.
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Benjamin Angerer and Cornell Schreiber – Paper Presentation
Investigating Representational Dynamics in Problem Solving
12:00 Ana-Maria Oltețeanu – Talk
Generating queries with multi-parameter control for creativity tests
12:30 Break
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Bipin Indurkhya – Invited Talk
Thinking Like A Child: The Role of Surface Similarities in Stimulating Creativity
15:00 Albert Pich and Zoe Falomir
An Approach to Juxtapose Shapes described Qualitatively for Solving Spatial Tests
15:30 Cake and coffee
16:00 Panel – recap of themes and directions, discussion,
details on upcoming Special Issue
17:00 Closure
17:30 Dinner