Programme ProSocrates’16

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KogWis 2016: Space for Cognition

13th Biannual Conference of the German Society for Cognitive Science on 26 – 30 September 2016, Bremen, Germany.

ProSocrates’16: Problem Solving, Creativity and Spatial Reasoning in Cognitive Systems

The ProSocrates Symposium will take place on Friday the prosocrates30th of September, between 11.30 and 16.00, with a lunch break.

This will be preceded by Professor Bipin’s Indurkhya’s tutorial – Workshop on Creativity –which will take place in the same day between 9.00-11.00. This tutorial will offer the unique opportunity to participate in a creativity-stimulating exercise.

Bipin’s talk in the ProSocrates Symposium will focus on analyzing previous results of applying this technique.


11:30 – Anna Fedor Ph.D., Postdoctoral researcher at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary.
Talk:  “Insight and evolution“

12.00 – Professor Christian Freksa Ph.D., Cognitive Systems, Bremen Spatial Cognition Center, Universität Bremen, Germany.
Talk: “The special role of real space for cognition revisited”


14:00 – Professor Bipin Indurkhya Ph.D., AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland.
Talk:  “Reflections on using a creativity-stimulating technique for conducting creativity workshops”

14:30 – Dr. Dr. rer. nat. Ana-Maria Oltețeanu, Cognitive Systems, Bremen Spatial Cognition Center, Universität Bremen, Germany.
Talk:  “Re-representation in Cognitive Systems”

15:00 – Professor Dr. Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Institute of Cognitive Science, Universität Osnabrück, Germany.
Talk:  “Challenges and Directions for Making Cognitive Systems Creative”

15:30 – Dr.-Ing. Zoe Falomir, Cognitive Systems, Bremen Spatial Cognition Center, Universität Bremen, Germany.
Talk:  “Qualitative reasoning models to help solving spatial ability tests”